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Congratulations to Collins Barrow’s 59 successful CFE writers

Collins Barrow congratulates the 2017 writers of the Common Final Examination (CFE). This next generation of financial experts has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to top-quality audit, tax and advisory services. By completing the rigorous CFE, our candidates have moved closer to achieving the distinguished Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

Congratulations to all 59 successful writers for their hard work, integrity and dedication to professional excellence:

Kiersten Classen (Victoria)
Denver Nicklas (Chatham)
Roselyne Wong (Montreal)
Amy Veltkamp (Winchester)
Cody Lan (Winnipeg)
Christopher Stewart (Kingston)
David Gobbi (Sarnia)
Lauren McIntosh (Elora)
David McGill (Elora)
Sandy Guo (Vancouver)
Evan Gallagher (Vancouver)
Trent Sayers (Canmore)
Mariyam Shah (Leamington)
Ryan Tinus (Leamington)
Shelja Garg (Windsor)
Kathryn Mitrevski (Windsor)
Mike Ciuro (Windsor)
Daniel Roberts (Red Deer)
Kaley Peeling (Red Deer)
Michael Amatangelo (Vaughan)
Yvonne Lam (Vaughan)
Drake McCleave (Vaughan)
Robert Vezina (London)
Joshua Roelans (London)
Jacqueline Teske (London)
Rob Alsop (Collingwood)
Sharla Magdalin (Yorkton)
Jackie Lu (Yorkton)
Kathryn Yanchycki (Yorkton)
Adam Yelland (Saskatoon)

Travis Armstrong (Edmonton)
Brayden Wong (Edmonton)
Yana Isaieva (Edmonton)
Laura Clark (Peterborough)
Sarah Wagstaff (Lindsay)
Alexander Kelly (Peterborough)
Rebecca Adrian (Peterborough)
Chris Elliott (Peterborough)
Hailey Moore (Ottawa)
Ilham Fuad (Ottawa)
Adriana Skaff (Ottawa)
Myriam Lesieur (Ottawa)
Katelyn Cameron (Halifax)
Leslie Beer (Halifax)
Ryan Cassidy (Halifax)
Mohamad El Attar (Halifax)
David Rebello (Halifax)
Brad Goreham (Halifax)
Aaron Poirier (Halifax)
Elaine Vasey (Calgary)
Jasnoor Bhandal (Calgary)
Jaskiran Toor (Calgary)
Paul Nielsen (Calgary)
Joshua Perry (Calgary)
Rebecca Goundry (Calgary)
Danielle Wallace (Calgary)
Edward Choi (Calgary)
Leah Rettie (Calgary)
Grace Gilewicz (Calgary)


This accomplishment is one of many successes those who opt for the CB Life are inspired to achieve, as they embrace the rich opportunities of a challenging and rewarding career.

Because Collins Barrow professionals know with absolute clarity that the best is yet to come. It’s more than a career. CB Life.

Read the message from Collins Barrow National’s chair here.

Download a copy of the 2017 roster of successful Collins Barrow CFE writers here.