Collins Barrow

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Legal Notes


Collins Barrow is a registered Canadian trademark owned by the Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc. (the "Cooperative"), a co-operative organized under the Canadian Cooperatives Act. The Cooperative does not itself engage in the practice of accounting, nor does it control any of its member firms (a "Member Firm"). The function of the Cooperative is to promote the brand, and to facilitate communication between member firms.

Each Member Firm is an independently owned and operated legal entity, which is separate and distinct from the Cooperative and all other Member Firms. The Collins Barrow trademarks are used under licence from the Cooperative by each Member Firm.

The Cooperative does not provide (directly or indirectly) any accounting or other client services. These services are provided only by members of the Cooperative ("Member Firms").

The use of "Collins Barrow" as a brand, business or trading name or style by all or any of the Member Firms does not imply that the Cooperative is engaged in the provision of accounting or other client services, that the Cooperative controls any Member Firm, or that any Member Firm is authorized to act on behalf of the Cooperative as its agent or to otherwise bind the Cooperative.

Each Member Firm is solely responsible for adherence to professional accounting standards, and otherwise for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Cooperative does not oversee compliance with these standards, laws or regulations. If you retain a Member Firm to provide accounting or other client services to you, then you acknowledge and agree that the Member Firm you have retained will be solely responsible for any work product or any other act or omission, and that your sole recourse for any breach of contract, negligence or other act or omission, including fraudulent acts, will be against the Member Firm retained by you. Clients of any Member Firm expressly release the Cooperative and all other Member Firms from any liability of any nature, kind or extent with respect to the accounting services provided by the Member Firm to them.

No partner of any Member Firm is a partner of the Cooperative or of any other Member Firm. No Member Firm is a partner of the Cooperative or of any other Member Firm. No Member Firm has any authority to obligate or otherwise bind the Cooperative or any other Member Firm in any manner whatsoever.