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    How will the new Passive Investment Income rules actually affect CCPCs?

    OTTAWA, ON – After months of public consultation, speculation and concern, the rules regarding Passive Investment Income have finally been unveiled. In today’s 2018 Federal Budget release the government announced that passive investment income over a certain limit will now reduce a Canadian-controlled private corporation’s (CCPC) small business deduction.

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    3 key disclosure areas in your year-end financial statements

    If you are a controller or CFO preparing your year-end financial statements for shareholders, regulators and lending institutions, there are several disclosure items you should carefully consider. Over the last several years, accounting and securities regulatory bodies have had a great deal to say about this subject. The following three areas are especially significant.

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    Budget 2018 Infographic

    From changes to passive investment income (that weren’t quite what was expected) to an absence of response to U.S. tax reform, here are some highlights from Budget 2018.  

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    Data Analytics Blog

    Data Is My Parachute Two of my passions in life are data and skydiving. One is work related and the other is my hobby but both share common characteristics. Both require a tool for me to be successful. In skydiving it is my parachute and at work it is data....
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    Personal U.S. tax changes

    *Updated January 9 2017

    On November 2, 2017, the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives released a tax reform bill entitled The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since then, the House and Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Committee released its final version of the legislation that is expected to become law in the coming days. It is the most comprehensive U.S. tax reform in more than 30 years.

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    The Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, today tabled his third budget – “Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class” – which supports the Government’s people centered approach. 

    The highly anticipated budget released draft legislation related to passive income – the topic that has been on the minds of business owners, investors, and advisors since the July 18, 2017 Finance release which first introduced the subject.  The budget does not propose changes to tax rates at the business or personal level. The budget focused on five key spending areas – growth, progress, reconciliation, advancement and equality.

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    Expand your structuring options: consider a limited partnership

    While partnerships have existed for as long as people have been in business, their use in Canada has been relegated largely to certain industries and tax situations. The rules governing partnerships legally and under the Income Tax Act (the Act) generally are not as well defined or understood as those for corporations. However, given the increasing complexity of the corporate tax regime – especially for private corporations – partnerships can be flexible, practical alternatives to structuring many businesses. This is particularly true of limited partnerships.