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    Client service has been the foundation of Collins Barrow SGB LLP for over 60 years. We offer experience, insight and expertise to our clients throughout the Simcoe, Grey and Bruce Counties. By listening to you and looking at things from your perspective, we can help you define your goals and then we tailor our services to help you achieve them.

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    Technical Bulletin - July 2015 Part 1

    This technical bulletin covers the various developments from April to June 2015. Collins Barrow regularly publishes Technical Bulletin for the general interest of its clients and friends to highlight the continually changing accounting and assurance standards, and the interpretations thereof, in Canada.

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    Audit and Accounting Services

    When you're facing a changing global economy, it's important to have someone next to you who will help navigate through the evolving accounting standards and changing regulatory environment. We can guide you through the uncertainties of change and risk.

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    Tax Advisory

    There is no time like now for effective corporate and personal tax advice. The professionals at Collins Barrow provide the alternatives you seek and will achieve the most efficient results for your tax planning needs.

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    2015 Federal Budget Announces Welcomed Changes for Charities

    Currently, taxpayers are exempt from capital gains tax for charitable gifts of publicly listed securities and gifts of ecologically sensitive land and cultural property.  The Budget proposes to provide an exemption from capital gains tax in respect of certain dispositions of private corporation shares and real estate occurring after 2016 provided certain conditions are met.

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    Infographic: Understanding incorporation

    There are several major planning items that need to be considered before and after incorporating a farm business. If you have consulted your Collins Barrow advisor and decided incorporation is right for you, gaining an up-to-date understanding of these issues is the best way to ensure your corporation is set up correctly. This infographic offers a refresher on the most important aspects of incorporation, helping your business devise the most optimal tax strategy.

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    Not For Profit

    The professionals of Collins Barrow have consistently focused on the financial needs and demands of Canada's diverse not-for-profit sector. We recognize that a not-for-profit organizations' members, donors and stakeholders seek assurance of the integrity of financial information, clarity in reporting and transparency in disclosure.

    The elimination of billed-basis accounting for professionals

    Work in progress (WIP), work performed but not yet billed, is a ubiquitous aspect of business for professionals. Under the Income Tax Act, WIP is deemed to be inventory. Since inventory is carried at the lesser of cost or fair market value (FMV), businesses typically carry WIP at cost on their balance sheets.

    Professionals, such as accountants, dentists, doctors, veterinarians and others, can deduct the WIP in calculating their income for tax purposes. Budget 2017 proposes to change that.