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    Improving the financial literacy of board members

    For board members, understanding the organization’s financial position is a necessity for effective oversight, as well as a fiduciary duty. But when it comes to the financial discussions, we see many board members “zone out.” Without an appropriate level of understanding, the right questions may never be asked, potentially putting the organization at financial risk. Management and board leadership need to collaborate to ensure all board members have at least a basic understanding of how the numbers work, the relevant metrics and the reasons they are important for the organization.

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    Post-mortem planning: reprieve for the pipeline?

    When individuals die, they are deemed to have disposed of all of their assets at fair market value at the time of death. This deemed disposition applies to capital property such as vacation properties, rental properties and shares of public and private corporations. An exception to this rule applies where there is a surviving spouse, in which case the assets may be transferred to the surviving spouse with no tax consequences. If there is no surviving spouse, any income resulting from the deemed dispositions is included in a final tax return filed on behalf of the deceased. 

    Corporate Finance

    Your go-to resource for investment banking, transaction structuring, M&A and capital advice — whether you’re a buyer, seller, lender, private equity investor or focused on growing or restructuring your business — our Corporate Finance professionals are masters of the art of the deal.

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    U.S. Congress Releases Draft Legislation on Tax Reform

    On November 2, 2017, the US House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means released long-awaited draft legislation on federal tax reform. Many of the highlights from the initial tax reform proposal released by the Republican “Big 6” on September 27, 2017 was kept unchanged in the draft legislation. Please contact your local Collins Barrow representative to see how this development may impact you and your US/cross-border business.

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    Pitfalls to consider in family business succession

    We have been hearing it for decades: 30 per cent of family firms survive to the second generation and only 10 per cent survive to the third generation. This statistic is generally cited without context, implying that family firms are the business organizations that are most likely to fail, but that assumption is incorrect. We know that family businesses facing succession are successful to begin with. Otherwise, they would not have been in business for so long, waiting for the next generation to take over.

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    Investment Funds

    The investment funds industry has experienced significant growth in the last 20 years directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Canadian economy. As the leading advisors to the mid-market investment funds sector, we are the right partners to bring greater financial clarity and guidance.