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Pay Your Invoice

Click to pay your invoice with Telpay


Now you can pay Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP online regardless of where you bank in Canada with TelPay at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.  There are no monthly fees and no administration expenses, making this a cost effective solution over credit card and cheque payments.  You save even more money with no postage, no envelopes, no cheque forms, reduced bank charges and a simpler bank reconciliation process.

Click Here To Pay Your Invoice Now!

Who is TelPay?

Since 1985, TelPay has been a leader and innovator in electronic payment services. Today, TelPay Incorporated is the largest independent processor of bill payments in Canada and processes over 22 million electronic payments worth 14 billion dollars annually.

Here’s how it works!

Setting up an account with TelPay is simple and free. In order to make your first payment, you’ll need to create a TelPay account which will take a few days to setup due to a thorough approval process (Telpay will also contact you by phone to verify your account setup.) 

Simply click on the TelPay button above. If you are a New Customer select either the "Personal Sign Up" or "Business Sign Up" options, according to whether your bank account is a personal or business account. (Also, If you would like to sign up directly by speaking with a representative call 1-800-665-0302.)

  1. Complete Payments Application Form - Choose “yes” to “Would you like to make a payment now?”

  2. Make Your First Payment - Enter and confirm the details of your payment.  During the sign-up process you will be asked for your Collins Barrow Account Number, please enter your phone number in this spot.

  3. Return the Authorization of Payment Services - Within minutes of completing your online application, you should receive an email from Telpay containing this form. To ensure timely processing of your application, please return the form signed by the required number of authorized signing officers to Telpay at your earliest convenience.

  4. Account Verification and Approval - To verify the account, Telpay will:
    • Email you a customer Access Number within the next business day.
    • Make a small deposit into your bank account to be used as your initial PIN number (within 1-3 business days). For added security, this deposit verifies that you are authorized to access the account provided. Review the information on the application and the signatures provided on the Authorization form.
    • Email you an Application Approval.
  5. Activate Account and Process Payment - After receiving the Application Approval email from Telpay:
    • Login to Telpay with your Access Number.
    • Enter the deposit amount (initial PIN) to activate your Telpay account. (For example, a $0.57 deposit would be PIN#0057)

Once you have signed up for an account, all future payments to Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP can be made by re-visiting our site and clicking the TelPay button, log on with your Access Number and PIN. For more information on TelPay, please call 1-800-665-0302 or visit